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Is it really necessary to lock our letterbox?
You would be surprised at the increasing occurrence of mail theft. Credit cards, cash flow cards and cheque books are still routinely delivered by mail, along with smaller parcels. We wouldn't leave these items in an unlocked car, but do leave them right next to the footpath, making easy pickings for the opportunist thief.
Is it possible to only lock the door sometimes, for example when we go on holiday, but not the rest of the time?
Yes this is possible with some of the models, for example the Pillar styles (which also have a huge mail capacity) and the freestanding traditional models.
How are the pillar letterboxes attached?
At the base of the letterbox there is a flange that turns in, with holes punched into it. This allows the letterbox to be dynabolted to existing concrete, which is the best method to secure the pillar. Alternatively they may be pushed into wet concrete to a depth of around 10cm. If you choose one of the flat roof style letterboxes, make sure it is angled (very slightly) from front to back to allow the water to run off the roof.
What about large newspapers like the Saturday Herald or Sunday Star Times?
These papers do pose problems. However there are some options. They will fit in a few letterboxes, for example the 'Comparto', the 'Prisma', and the single pillar styles at a squeeze. Another option is to have a D-shape newspaper holder.

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