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A Post Impressions custom solution for brick pillars, stone walls and through fence letterboxes.

Create a stylish understated letterbox look by combining a hinged letterplate on the front of your fence or wall with a BackBox to collect the mail and keep it secure at the rear. The mail drops to the base of the BackBox, which is complete with a fitted lock for (optional use) security.

From the front of the wall you will normally see only the letterplate, not the front of the BackBox as it is obscured behind the timber, plaster, brick or stone building material. The BackBox has front holes to allow you to connect the letterplate directly to the BackBox if desired. (The small "collar" around the front opening gives an edge for the timber or plaster to finish up to).

With stone walls or brick pillars, two sizes of mail chute are available to feed the mail between the letterplate and the BackBox. The mail chute will connect directly to the letterplate, and link into the opening of the BackBox.

Please note the holes in the BackBox are designed to fit with Post Impressions standard A4 Letterplates.

Construction: Brushed Stainless steel or powdercoated galvanised steel (colours: White or Charcoal).
Dimensions: BackBox 452mm(h) x 305mm(w) x 220mm(d) excluding "front collar"
Posting hole 77mm(h) x 250 mm(w)
Short chute 200mm deep
Long chute 415mm deep
Price*: $259.10 BackBox (powder coated galavanised steel)
$465.60 BackBox (stainless steel)
$75.60   Letterplate (Shiny Chrome/Satin Chrome)
$50.60   Chute (powdercoated galv - either length)
Packed weight: BackBox and Letterplate 7kg
Locking: Yes - optional use fitted lock. A4 slot: Yes.
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