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Northwood Pillar Letterbox

Stylish freestanding pillars make an impressive entrance to your property.
Choose one of four cap styles to reflect your home, from the modern 'Glenstrae' through to the more traditional 'Norwood Pillarbox – Cola Red with stainless visor and Phat Nouveau numbers' (pictured).
The single pillar letterbox has a huge mail capacity combined with the locking door make them perfect for the 'lock and leave' situation when you go on holidays. The door also has a magnetic catch so does not require locking if you chose not to.
They can be purchased in either powdercoat finish to match your roof or joinery or have a galvanised steel letterbox plastered to match your home.
Enhance your letterbox by upgrading to a stainless steel weather visor ($20) or a copper weather visor ($25).

The door can be hinged on the right or left. Photos show right hinged.

Photo: front and rear of Single Pillar

Construction: Solidly constructed from Galvanised Steel (approx 17kg).
Dimensions: Base 350 x 350mm Height approximately 1000mm (depending on cap style).
Colours: Powdercoat in your choice of colour from the Dulux Duralloy Powdercoat range at (prices below exclude very bright colours, metallics & texture finishes).
Plaster finish: Purchase in galvanised steel finish. Your plasterer can then etch prime the letterbox and plaster it to match your house finish. (Suitable for acrylic plasters only).
Top styles: Kelman (flush with body); Glenstrae (angles up to flat top); Palazzo (wide square rim); Northwood (pictured - low pyramid).
Prices*: For this cap style: powdercoat finish $677.97; galvanised steel finish $607.97; Stainless steel weather visor $20.45; copper weather visor $25.55
Freight within NZ is $35.
Locking: Yes lock fitted, but optional use A4 slot: Yes
Do you need numbers for your letterbox? We recommend using glue-on stainless steel or copper numerals (to avoid drilling and damaging the powdercoated letterbox surface). Please click here to see our selection of numbers.

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