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Ground Rules TV1 Episode 5 2005 'Street Appeal'

This weeks project focused on how to bring glamour to the front of a section. The stylish fence and planting was finished off with a Post Impressions Pillar letter box. The designer specifed the red colour of the single Kelman Pillar, which was finished with stainless steel visor and glue-fix stainless steel numerals.

Ground Rules Letterbox

They also featured letterboxes in the show. As they said "Letterboxes can be just something for the postie to stick your mail in - or so much more. We've brought together a range of options, that address security, style and even a spot of whimsy!"

Letterboxes supplied by Post Impressions were featured as follows:

"Stylish and Secure - Brabantia Vectra. If you want to keep your mail secure, you can go for something like this stylish pressed stainless letterbox. It works best when mounted against a solid wall."

"Classic in Plastic - Mailhouse Polyethylene Mailbox. This may look like your classic letterbox, but it is made of polyethylene - that's plastic to the uninitiated - so there'll be no problems with rust, and no painting required!"

"Sculptural Steel - The Wedge. Superb in Stainless Steel, this 'wedge' box is at the pricier end of the market, but it will keep your newspapers and junk mail well protected from the elements!"

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